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wetting paste papers

I have had the best success with paste paper if I wet the papers first.  I
usually use Dan Smith Superfine.  I fill a big marbling tray with water and
briefly immerse the paper, lift it out and let it drip for a bit (hold it
gently), then lay it on a smooth flat surface.  I use an old window.  Smooth
the paper with a wide squeegee to lay it perfectly flat.  The last time I
did a paste paper workshop we experimented with dry papers and found this
worked much better.

I have heard of someone who does production work and who keeps a dowel in
the tray, pulling the paper underneath it to quickly wet the whole sheet.  I
haven't tried it myself, and I'm sorry I don't know whose idea this was

I just got a bunch of Texoprint paper from Galen Berry and am looking
forward to trying it for paste paper.  I'm thinking it might glue down
easier.  I'll let the you know how it works, but it will be a few weeks
since Friday I am leaving to do a marbling workshop with Galen.

Joyce Jenkins
Petersburg, Alaska

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