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papermaking books on eBay

Hi everybody!

Please forgive any cross-posting!

I've just put about a dozen books up for sale on "eBay" that have to do with
papermaking and paper crafts; perhaps some of you on this list will be

They fall into (2) catagories:

There are a number of "arts and crafts" type books - inexpensive books on
paper making, papier mache, paper craft gifts, origami and pop-ups, all of
which are suited toward beginners, crafters and teachers.

But.... there are also a couple of really good/serious books on papermaking
including  copies of Tim Barrett's Japanese Papermaking and Dard Hunters
Papermaking books.  Best of all, there are a couple of really exquisite (and
expensive) items: Peter & Donna Thomas' "A Collection of Paper Samples from
Hand Papermills in the United States of America" IN SHEETS and a copy of what
is considered to be one of the most prized and highly collected paper sample
books "Specimens - A Stevens-Nelson Paper Catalogue".

If you're interested, you can view without any obligation by going to the
address listed below.   Once you have looked at the one item listed below,
there is a spot on the page you can click that says "View Sellers' Other
Auctions". By clicking on THAT icon, you will get an entire list of all 12-14
books I currently have up for bid.  If you like anything, you can then "bid"
(with a simple and free registration process).

For easy access to the first listed book, please copy, paste and then go to
the following address:


Karen L. Crisalli

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