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Re: Rutgers Project Hopes to Turn Andean Peasants Into Master Papermakers

A few years ago, somebody wanted to do a similar
project in India, in an area where there was a lot of
sisal. Then they figured it made more sense to use the
strength of sisal to make rope and cloth. My feeling
is that if a fiber can be used for fabric, it's better
than beating it down to make paper. This is not in the
context of individual papermakers making paper, but
for non-profits or social organizations setting up
projects in poorer countries.

Using a strong fiber like sisal (or flax or linen) to
make paper consumes a tremendous amount of energy -
fuel + beaters - right? From an ecological standpoint,
wouldn't it make more sense to use the strength of the
fiber in a more "useful" way than paper?

Would love the list's input on this issue,


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