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Hi!  I am an artist/writer living in Montclair, NJ.  I am fairly new to
the book arts, but have quickly fallen in love with the process of
making books.  I have been taking classes to learn binding, letterpress,
etching, and silkscreen, but feel that I need to be printing/binding on
a more full-time basis.  Is anyone out there looking for a very fast
learning , responsible, enthusiastic assistant?  I would need a little
training, but I catch on quickly, and don't need any hand holding.
I have a bachelors degree in Visual Art, have worked as a clothing
designer, drawing instructor at The Montclair Art Museum, and have
studied with Maureen Cummins at The Women's Studio Workshop.  I am
currently attending classes at The Newark Museum in silkscreen, and
non-toxic printmaking (etching, chine-colle, monoprint, collograph,
etc), and will be taking "Wearable Books" with Miriam Schaer at The
Center for Book Arts in April.
You can e-mail me at:

Thank you,
Sarah Harford

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