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Re: aftermarket cartridges

> It is my guess (and only a guess -- not even an estimate) that computer
> printer ink is about 50 to 100 times more expensive.
> Printer prices seem unbelievably low to me. Are they giving the printers
> - so we will use the high price ink?

Yes, its an old technique called "giving away the razor to sell the blades".
It made King Gillette rich with the safety razor back in 1900.

What does an inket cartridge cost?  Fifty cents for a plastic box, and a
dollar's worth of ink? Then they sell it for $30?  Great business.

I've been happily refilling an Epson since 1997 and recently I bought a
Canon because it seemed the easiest to refill  (and I could do 11x17). I
have had no problem with refilling cartridges, but many people are reluctant
to drill holes into the cartridges and inject ink with a hypodermic needle,
it is a fussy and messy business. I mostly print photos with my inkjet and
this is very very hard on ink, perhaps twenty or thirty  pages  to a
cartridge, sometimes I go through a cartridge in a day. As far as I am
concerned, refilling is the only way to go.

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