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why I pulled my book from the show...

The book...was in front...near the front door. However, it was on a table
that people were putting their stuff on...like the "mail table" at your
front door at home. And when I spotted it there, a woman had her stuff on
my book, and was trying to look at it, but putting stuff on it to get the
gloves on. She had her stuff everywhere and it was pouring outside and like
me, she had drops of water following her, trailing off onto other hosts
whenever they got the chance in their little life span. I was so upset. I
went to the curator of the show and explained that I prefer it be on a
stand like the other three-D work, and he said he thought it was okay. And
maybe some people would think it was safe there....but I didn't. I thought
after a month, it would look like hell. So I asked for a stand and he said
he wouldn't even think of trying to do anything until after eveyone had
left. I thought....well, then that means he wouldn't do anything at
all...just wait for me to leave. So I pulled the book from the show. My
friend who was with me said he thought the guy should not have been arguing
with me....if I thought it wasn't safe, it wasn't safe. Having had a book
destroyed once before...I really thought I had to.

I don't think I was wrong. Everything else had an air of being "displayed".
My book was just there...on a table that people would throw keys on...and a
woman was in fact doing just that...

I was so disappointed. Maybe others would think it was fine where it was,
but it's such a fragile book, and I couldn't see leaving it there...it was
like finding a lost child on a street corner. I had to rescue it and bring
it home.

What would you have done?

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