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Re: why I pulled my book from the show...

I think that it unrealistic to expect that books that are on open display
will not be handled and that this handling will, on occasion, be rougher
than one might desire -- even if white gloves are provided.  I think that,
in part, this is due to the fact that people are used to seeing books as
objects to handle, they do not know how to handle them properly, and most
certainly do not think of books as art in the sense of "look but do not

I developed a solution for one of my unique books for a situation where
display cases were not available.  I made a plexi box for the book that
held the book perpendicular to the wall so that more of it could be
viewed.  The case had an extension at the bottom that held a photocopy of
the whole book.  While my copy was an exact, color duplicate, a simple
black and white copy could be used.

Whiel there are a variety of ways that such a case could be made, I would
be happy to send a picture ( black and white photocopy) if you let me know
your address.  I'm sorry that I lack any degree of web sophistication and
thus can't post the case on the web. (Although, I did start to use my
scanner for the first time ever this AM.  I'm glad that it works as I
bought it 18 months ago and had never even plugged it in.)


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