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Re: Pulling your book from the show

I feel that I must put in my 1.5 cents worth as well. The comments from
Miriam Schaer are so far off the mark, I feel I must relate my thoughts on
the value of ones time.

I do an antique printshop show. I recently found myself replaced in a show I
had done for several  years by someone who did not value their time and
effort and were willing to do the show for the exposure. I realize this is a
bit of a stretch. But, my point is - If you don't value your time or the
results of your efforts, you can be sure no one else will.

The issue of security for a piece of art work on display is very much the
same. It is your work, If you don't make the issue, you only have yourself
to blame when there are problems later. You can be sure I put these points
in the contract I write when I do a show. I have insurance and do my part to
protect etc. But, care and concern on the part of the promoter is a very
important part of the responsibilities of the show. Be it a gallery, shop,
or show.

My real concern with Miriam's comment is that while most of the people on
the list have been supportive of your action, there will always be someone
so anxious for exposure that they will do whatever is necessary and never
complain. These people are the ones who make it difficult for those of us
who are trying to be professional about our dealings with the public and
galleries. This contradiction in attitudes is the stuff on which the show
directors thrive. The attitude they exhibit - "You are just being a finicky
artist, I have plenty of others who would kill for this opportunity". I
respect the right of those who can for whatever reason place limited value
on things they own or produce, but to jeopardize others rights to value
their efforts and time. That I do not respect.

I am always impressed and supportive when I see and hear an artist willing
to stand on principle.

Right On!!



----- Original Message -----
From: Miriam Schaer <mschaer@EARTHLINK.NET>
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 6:31 PM
Subject: Pulling your book from the show

> Of course this is a personal decision, and I might be in the minority on
this, but I feel as  though I > have to put my two cents in on this subject.
> Life is hard, maintenence is a part of it. That goes for art as well. For
me, its more  important       > for the work to get out into the world and
been seen, and in a  certain  sense I  believe the work in > not really
completed until it does go out  into the world. Sometimes there's damage,
hopefully      > there's insurance. I have had work damaged-once
deliberately vandalized. It was devastating at   > the time, but I learned
to move on.  Also, I must point out that most of my work is one of a kind.
> A few years ago I sent  work to be in a show in Mexico, and when I shipped
it out, I did wonder > if I would ever see it again. It was a fabulous
opportunity, I adore Mexico and made a deal with  > myself that if the work
did not come back or came back damaged, so be it.  The show was to in >
memory of and to honor Ulysses Carrion and being in  it, was very, very
important to me.  I        > remember speaking with several others who felt
it was too risky.  It was a chance I personally    > was willing to make to
be a part of that particular show.
> The work did come back in perfect shape.
> I teach a lot, and one of the things I am constantly saying is "there is
nothing in  art you can not fix > (unlike life) "
> And to a certain extent this is true. If you made, you can repair it.
> Usually.
> Miriam Schaer
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