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Re: pulling your book from the show

I am sorry if I spoke in a way that offended some readers of this list.
What I am trying to say is that nothing in life is without risk. You have
to make your decisions accordingly. As well, we are participants in the
process of showing our work.  If you send work to a venue without
insurance, you have to do so with open eyes and know, although most of
the time it will be just fine, there is always the possibility a problem
could occur. If you send your book to a show in a museum where the work
will not be in vitrines,  you have to know there are also possible
problems. It's important to speak to curators and coordinators before you
commit to an exhibition and know what and where you are sending your
work. If you are not happy with how your work is treated,  you can make
the decision never to participate in that venue again.

Miriam Schaer

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