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early printed leafs

I am looking for book leafs printed from the 1450's through the 1550's
where the the printer can be established.  I would prefer the page with
the printers device (logo) and date on it.  If not, I would need a copy
of this page for documentation.  I intend to publish a limited edition
letterpress book (12) on early printers with leaves included, thus I
would need 12 leaves from each printer (not necessarily all from the
same work).  The printers I am looking for are:

Aldus Manutius - Aldine Press - Florence
Koberger - of Nuremberg Chronicle fame - Nuremberg
Froben - Basel
House of Plantin - Antrep
William Caxton - Brugges or London
Wynken de Worde - London
Elzevirs - Leyden or Amsterdam
Estienne - France or  Stephani - France

I am also looking for early works by Luther and Erasmus printed by any

If you can quote on any of these please contact me at your earliest

Clarke Otten

The Atlanta Vintage Book Doctor / The Long Road Press
at Atlanta Vintage Books
3660 Clairmont Rd.
Atlanta, Ga. 30341

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