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Re: Making lipped clam-shell boxes

Peter N Krantz wrote:  Greetings, -- Can the group advise any simple, detailed
and accurate designs for lipped
> clam-shell boxes? ... snip ...

1       Page 188 of the Thames and Hudson  Manual of Book Binding by Arthur W.
Johnson shows how to make what he calls a "Solander Box" -- made essentially
from wood and hardboard and covered with leather and buckram.
2       Page 184 of the above book shows how to make a "Drop-Back Box" of "millboard".
3       Instructions for "Hinged Cover and Hinged Side Boxes" are shown starting at
page 123 of Books, Boxes and Portfolios by Franz Zeir.
4       The Packaging Designer's book of Patterns by Roth and Wybenga have a number
of boxes of the "Clamshell" type made out of (a) cardstock and (b) corrugated
cardboard -- see page 384 for a "One Piece Telescope Box" and page 37 for a"
Six Cornered Brightwood Style Tray" (a number of variations follow page 37)
5       Side walls can be added to the top of the hinged cover "Tuck Top" box we
show at
<<<http://www.papershops.com/boxstar/tuckfolder.htm>>>, thus making it it into
a clamshell type box.

By the way, (I am fairly new at this) I think the best name for these types of
boxes as a class are "hinged cover boxes". These could be subdivided into  (a)
boxes with and without top side walls and (b) boxes wherein the cover either
overlaps of abuts the bottom. Any comments on the nomenclature?

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