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collection of early printed leaves

  I am concerned about the posting by Clarke Otten about his plans for a
limited edition work on early printers which will incorporate actual
pages of their works, especially title pages.  With the best of
intentions on his own part, I am sure he (she?) has not properly
considered the dangers of such a project.  It is tailor made to
incourage unscrupulous persons to vandalize books in rare book libraries
and special collections in the hopes of selling such items to the
unsuspecting publisher.  Even if he deals only with persons of high
repute, Mr. Otten cannot know how the items came into circulation
farther back, and it only takes one person who asks no questions to put
the whole miserable train of events into operation.  It would be a
tragedy indeed if a project intended to honor these early printers came
into being through the distruction of their work!
  Dorothy Africa

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