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recycling 3-ring binders

To Regis and the List:

When I want to make a special 3 ring binder, I buy a commercial one from a
second hand store for $ .10 - .50.  I cut the outside layer of vinyl off the
spine board and about 1 1/2" of the front and back boards.  The inside layer
of vinyl holds the spine board and the cover boards in place.  I glue a piece
of thin paper over the spine, onto the cover boards.  Let this dry, then
remove the rest of the vinyl.  The spine paper holds everthing in place.

Now you can cover the spine with cloth.  The top and bottom turn-ins can be
tucked under the 3-ring binder hardware.  The pieces of cloth that cover the
hinge areas also have to be slid under the 3-ring binder hardware.  Since the
spine cloth covers the rivets that hold the 3-ring binder hardware to the
spine board, the cloth over the rivets can get dirty or show the rivets.  An
the other hand, no rivet shows through the cloth.

I like to put a stip of book cloth at the cover fore edges then put paste
paper between the spine cloth and the fore edge strip.

I'd love to hear from anyone who purchases the 3-ring binder hardware and
makes binders from scratch.

Artemis BonaDea
North Bound Books
Box 240768
Aanchorage, AK  99524

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