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Re: Hitting the wrong button&slides for lecture

Dear Peter et al:
My apologies for sending a personal note to the list by mistake. I was
surprised and dismayed to see what I had done-when my own e-mail landed back
in my own mail box. So..sorry, I meant to send it off List and will try to
be more careful. Anyway, I had wanted to post an invitation to the list but
was a bit shy about doing it, an invitation to anyone willing to send a
slide(s) of his/her work where the structure is a bit different from the
usual rectangular format and/or reflects the content of the book. I'll be
talking to elementary school teachers (as part of New York City's "Project
Arts/Project Read) about the fact that books need not be rectangular-that
they can be interactive, that the format could be a scroll or accordian or
pop-up or many other formats that in some way reflect the content. We want
to encourage all kinds of book-making in their classrooms in the hopes that
it will in general boost literacy as well. If you think you could spare a
slide, please contact me off-list for my address.
Many thanks, Barbara Valenta

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