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Re: Pulling your book

Your comment, which I agree with, made me think about when I was in college,
I would always buy used-text-books rather than new.  In fact, I would get
upset if forced to buy new.  Wasn't being cheap. Parents paid for the books.
I always wanted the books with the most notes in them. If there was a large
selection of used books, I might take an hour looking for the with the best
notes in it.

It also made me think about when I was producing music cassettes.  I was
fascinated one day  when a customer came by and he had one of my cassettes
with him.. It was old and dirty and obviously been played a few hundreds of
times.  He commented that there would be fights over who got to play the tape
on their walkmans.    I gave him a couple new replacements so I could keep
the old, beat-up tape as a prized possesion.  It is one of the few tapes of
mine that I have ever seen in a real used-condition.

Now the thought comes that,even after printing and binding more than a 1000
now, I have never seen one of my own books in the used-condition.  Dog-eared,
pages worn, creased and a little smudged from being used, loved.  To find
such a book would be a real treat.  I would pour over every page looking for
traces of  the reader, and hopefully even find a note or two,.   Actually, I
rather doubt the opportunity will ever come around.  Too bad.
DT Fletcher

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