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Re: Teaching and books

Dear Susan, It was good to hear from you. My book is called "Pop-O-Mania:
How to Create Your Own Pop-Ups".
Dial Books for Young Readers(Penguuin/Putnam); ISBN: 0803719477 ;
It's best ordered through my(authors) name since the hyphens sometimes
confuse bookstore computers into thinking they can't find it. Amazon.com
lists it too. I think the most salient feature is that it illustrates
technique with 3-d pop-up examples. It covers "steps", spinners, sliders,
flaps and spirals-in connection with books, cards, etc.. Hope this helps-and
thanks so much for thinking of me and the book. I'll look for your web site.
Are you self-publishing now? If so-how's it going? I've followed your story
with great interest. All best, Barbara Valenta

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