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Librarian responds-Bad things/good books

Dear Mary: I was a librarian/media specialist in the school system and I agree
with all that you said in  your recent message concerning  book defacement  -
there is always more to every action (and reaction) than  realized at first
perusal. And that's what this list (and all education) is  about/.

Lilias,  -  at Saltwinds Yankee Barn Workshop

Mary summed up her explanation:
>Please, don't curse all librarians for defacement.  What we're doing is our
>best to make sure that everyone has equal access to the materials. That's
>our job -- to uphold Freedom of Speech in the form of Freedom to Read --
>regardless of how much you make or what language you read.  In order to
>make sure the materials are still around when YOU come in to read them, we
>have to take precautions.  Because of funding (and lack thereof), we have
>to use the cheapest, easiest ways of keeping materials safe from
>collectors.  Even then, we're often thwarted, but we have to try.
Mary McCarthy

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