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James Mosley's Spring 2000 US Tour

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THE BOOK ARTS PRESS is pleased to announce JAMES MOSLEY=92s forthcoming=20
American lecture tour, the 7th under its auspices, 27 March - 13 April=20
2000. The tour comprises engagements in Charlottesville VA, New Haven CT,=20
New York City, Lexington KY, Northampton MA, and Cambridge MA.

Mosley is Visiting Professor in the Department of Typography and Graphic=20
Communication at the University of Reading, a longtime Rare Book School=20
faculty member, and (until April 2000, when he retires) Librarian of the St=
Bride Printing Library, perhaps the world=92s primary specialist reference=
collection relating to books and printing. He will be bringing three=20
lectures with him on this tour:

I. Hobble to Genius? The Design and Making of Type in France from Grandjean=
to Fournier

The making of the _romain du roi_ in the 1690s to the specification of a=20
committee approved by the Academy of Sciences provides the first modern=20
example of a type design, and the system of mathematically_related sizes=20
created for it constitutes the first point system. Fournier _le jeune_,=20
whose _Manuel typographique_ (1764) provides a brilliant account of the=20
traditional method of punchcutting and typefounding, was scornful of the=20
limits imposed by this system, calling it 'a hobble to genius.=92 In his own=
work, he gave an unsurpassed example of the craftsman's ability to capture=
the freedom and delicacy of contemporary decorative work. The lecture=20
examines the basis of this clash of cultures and illustrates the=20
typographical achievements of each.

II. The Decorated Types of Louis Jean Pouch=E9e

Pouch=E9e, an entrepreneur who gatecrashed the closed world of London=20
typefounding during a volatile period at the end of the Napoleonic wars,=20
was among the pioneers of mechanized typecasting. His spectacular=20
decorative poster types of about 1820, which have miraculously survived=20
intact, and of which a complete specimen was printed in 1993, give an=20
unrivaled insight into the new world of the early 19th century, when goods=
and services were first made known by means of new and aggressive forms of=
printed publicity.

III. Primitive Types: The Sanserif Letter from Neo-Classical Icon to Tool=20
of Commerce

The sanserif letter is familiar as an innovation in commercial printing in=
the 19th century and also as a symbol of 20th_century modernism, from the=20
London Underground lettering of 1916 to the types of the German designers=20
of the 1920s. Its origins, which have often been portrayed as the result of=
crude and involuntary simplicity imposed by the new technology of an=20
industrial age, were in fact derived from the revival of the simple,=20
geometrical inscriptional letter of the Roman Republican era, which made a=
direct appeal to two leading neo_classical artists in London: the architect=
John Soane and the sculptor John Flaxman. This lecture incorporates new=20
discoveries made in the course of mounting the exhibition _Primitive=20
Types,_ which was shown at Sir John Soane's Museum, London, January --=20
April 1999.

The details of Mosley=92s speaking engagements are as follows: all lectures=
are free and open to the public.

Monday 27 March: Charlottesville, VA
University of Virginia

Time and place: 6 pm: 116 Alderman Library (BAP Classroom)
Lecture: =93Hobble to Genius=94
Sponsor: Book Arts Press
Contact: Terry Belanger, Book Arts Press: 804/924-8861

Wednesday 29 March: New Haven, CT
Yale University

Time and place: 4:30 pm, Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall
Lecture: =93Hobble to Genius=94; reception follows in the Beinecke Library
Sponsor: Beinecke Library; Graphic Arts Program; Benjamin Franklin Papers
Contact: Ellen Cohn, Benjamin Franklin Papers: 203/432-1815

Fri 31 March: New York City
Grolier Club

Time and place: 6 pm, 1st floor exhibition room
Lecture =93Pouch=E9e=94
Sponsor: APHA/NY; Grolier Club; The Typophiles; Type Directors Club
Contact: Lowell Bodger, APHA NY Chapter: 212/777-0841

Mon 3 Apr: New York City
Grolier Club

Time and place: 6 pm, 1st floor exhibition room
Lecture:  =93Primitive Types=94
Sponsor: APHA/NY; Grolier Club; The Typophiles; Type Directors Club
Contact: Lowell Bodger, APHA NY Chapter: 212/777-0841

Fri 7 Apr: Lexington, KY
University of Kentucky

Time and place: 7:30 pm: Dept of Special Collections, King Library
Lecture: =93Pouch=E9e=94
Sponsor: University of Kentucky Library
Contact: James Birchfield, Special Collections: 606/257_8408

Tues 11 Apr: Northampton, MA
Smith College

Time and place: 5 pm: Mortimer Rare Book Room, Nielson Library
Lecture:  =93Pouch=E9e=94
Sponsor: Smith College Library
Contact: Martin Antonetti, Mortimer Rare Book Room: 413/585-2907

Thur 13 Apr: Cambridge, MA
Harvard University

Time and place: 4:30 pm: Houghton Library exhibition room
Lecture: =93Primitive Types=94
Sponsor: Houghton Library, Harvard University
Contact: Roger Stoddard, Houghton Library: 617/495-2441

Mosley has written extensively on the history of letterforms and printing=20
types. His recent work has included an annotated facsimile edition of the=20
_Manuel typographique_ (Paris, 1764_6) of Fournier _le jeune_ (1995); and=20
the curating of an exhibition entitled _Primitive Types: The Sanserif=20
Letter from John Soane to Eric Gill_ at Sir John Soane's Museum, London,=20
relating to the origins of the sanserif letter in 18th_century England=20
(1999) that coincided with a revised edition (published by the Friends of=20
the St Bride Printing Library) of Mosley=92s classic 1965 essay, _The Nymph=
and the Grot_. He has recently published a facsimile edition of the first=20
German handbook of wood_engraving, punchcutting and stereotyping, _Kurtze=20
Anleitung von Form_ und Stahl_Schneiden_ (Erfurt: J. M. Funcke, 1740), and=
he has completed a handlist of Italian type specimens to 1860. He is=20
currently working on an edition of the unpublished account of punchcutting=
and typefounding compiled in 1704 by Jacques Jaugeon under the authority of=
the Acad=E9mie Royale des Sciences, Paris.
        He has lectured in the United States many times over the past three=20
decades both independently and on tours organized by the Book Arts Press,=20
and he maintains a busy lecture schedule in Europe as well =96 the more so=
that he is able to lecture on typographical subjects not only in English=20
but also in French, German, and Italian.

This is the seventh lecture tour James Mosley has made in the United States=
under Book Arts Press auspices. Earlier tours included the following stops:

1994    Rochester: RIT School of Printing (Cary Collection)
        New York: Grolier Club
        Charlottesville: Book Arts Press
        Cambridge: Harvard University
1987    New York: Book Arts Press
        Princeton: Princeton Univ (Graphic Arts Coll, Firestone Library)
        Providence: Brown Univ (Friends of the Brown Univ Library)
        Rochester: RIT School of Printing (Cary Collection)
        Minneapolis: Ampersand Club/Minnesota Center for Book Arts
        Los Angeles: UCLA Graduate School of Library & Information Science
        Oakland: Mills College/Pacific Center for Book Arts
        San Francisco: Book Club of California

1984    San Francisco: Book Club of California
        Berkeley: UC Berkeley School of Library & Information Studies
        Los Angeles: UCLA School of Library & Information Science
        San Marino: Huntington Library
        Eugene: Univ of Oregon Library
        Madison: Friends of the Univ of Wisconsin Library
        New York: Book Arts Press

1981    Lunenberg: Stinehour Press
        New Haven: Yale Center for British Art
        Lexington: Univ of Kentucky Library
        Urbana: Graduate School of Library Science
        Tulsa: Univ of Tulsa Library
        Normal: Illinois State Univ Library
        Chicago: Caxton Club
        Pittsburgh: Univ of Pittsburgh Libraries
        New York: Book Arts Press
        Newark: Univ of Delaware Library
        Washington: Library of Congress

1979    Chapel Hill: School of Library Science
        New York: Book Arts Press
        Amherst: Amherst College
        Cambridge: Houghton Library, Harvard
        Hartford: Watkinson Library, Trinity College
        Providence: John Hay Library, Brown Univ
        Princeton: Firestone Library, Princeton Univ
        Madison: Univ of Wisconsin
1977    Madison: Univ of Wisconsin
        Burlington: Univ of Vermont
        Charlottesville: Univ of Virginia
        NYC: APHA NY Chapter; Heritage of the Graphic Arts
        New Haven: Yale Univ
        Rochester, NY: RIT School of Printing
        Dallas: Bridwell Library, Southern Methodist Univ
        Los Angeles: Clark Library, UCLA
        San Francisco: San Francisco Public Library

The Book Arts Press sponsors occasional bookish/bibliographical lecture=20
tours especially (though not only) by foreign speakers. Persons for whom it=
has arranged tours in the past include John Dreyfus, Nicholas Pickwoad,=20
Graham Pollard, Christopher Ridgway, Michael Turner, and Ian Willison.

Let Terry Belanger know if your organization or institution is interested=20
in hearing about future lecture tours being organized under the auspices of=
the Book Arts Press.

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