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fabric lined atlases

Hello Everyone,

We have several volumes of Baist Atlases that are in very poor shape.
These are oversize volumes which were used by insurance companies.  They
plat the city.

Physical description:  pages are stubbed and are lined with cloth and an
unknown adhesive which is very water soluble.  Areas on the pages are
handcolored with soluble pigments and there are layons added as the
neighborhoods changed.

Questions: has anyone had any experience with this type of binding?
Experience with lining pages with cloth?  Know anything about the kind
of adhesive used?

These books are valuble in the information they hold and are use
frequently.  We want to microfilm them after treating the pages and
before binding.  I would appreciate any help or info anyone could
share.  I am also going to post this on the ConsDistList.



Beverly J. Mahoney
450 West Ohio Street       bmahoney@indianahistory.org
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone:317-234-0045         http://www.indianahistory.org
Fax: 317-234-0168

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