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Re: I would rather burn them

This discussion brings to mind the difference of opinions between collectors
and musem operators. Collectors - Book, Tool, or whatever - have a love for
the item. Books are to be treasured but read. Tool collectors want to see
the tools used. Museum Administration feels that use will destroy the item.

In either Books or Tools, use is the way to appreciate the collection. In
the case of the Tool, it must be used loveingly and carefully just as in the
original. With Books it is the same, it must be available to those who can
appreciate its message. The archivist who attemtps to lock it away is just
as wrong as the librarian who wants to deface the book with stamps,
embossings, and all sorts of official identifications.

Of couse what I am leading up to is Education of the Public on the
appreciation of things which do not belong to you. It is a very difficult
thing and in many peoples eyes, a lost cause. Perhaps so. But I remain a
collector of Printing equipment and Printed Items of historical
significance. This collection is of no value if it is not used by me and
those who appreciate such.



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