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Re: Intro and Question

Depends on the size you want. Craft stores carry it for tooling; usually,
it's small squares. If there's a jeweler's supply near you, check with
them. If they don't have it, they probably know who does. Also, try
jeweler's supply mail order houses like Rio Grande and Fire Mountain. They
both have websites. I don't have the URLs handy but if you search on those
names (or just experiment with different variations on the names) you
should be able to find them fairly easily.

You could also search on words like metal sheet foil craft.

Hope this helps -- let us know what you find out, and what you end up

Rikki Mitman

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From:   Kathie Meyer [SMTP:kmeyer360@YAHOO.COM]
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Subject:        Intro and Question


I want to use copper or tin in a book (although the idea is not
completely formulated yet as to just what I'm planning--I plan to
surprise myself, I guess) and wonder if any of you know where I would
get thin, but not too thin, sheets of copper or tin (lumber yards?).


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