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Re: I would rather burn them

Austin Jones wrote (in part):

> Of couse what I am leading up to is Education of the Public on the
> appreciation of things which do not belong to you.

But they do indeed belong to "us". Why else would it be called a *public*

I do agree with you that the public needs education on the proper use and
appreciation of the books, tools, and artifacts that museums and libraries
house, whether the institution is public or private. But I would also argue
that your private collection, unknown to library catalog databases, is
*less* available for use than the archive. The job of the archivist is *not*
to lock away a special collection, as you suggest, but to make it available
to serious researchers, as yourself.

Mr. Jones, I urge you to reconsider your decision to leave your extensive
collection to an appropriate institution when you are no longer able to make
good use of it. You might try contacting a library archive and asking to see
their mission statement and policies. If the archive you approach is unable
to accept your collection, they may be able to suggest other institutions.

Cara Beth
(Urged by librarian friends to pursue a career as an archivist, I chose
instead to follow my heart and pursue an art career.)

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