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Re: I would rather burn them

Cara Beth Stevenson wrote

> The job of the archivist is *not* to lock away a special collection, as
you suggest, but to make it  > available to serious researchers, as

I certainly would agree as to what the job "Should Be", but in reality many
are not doing as they should but make access difficult at best.

What is needed is less autonomy on the part of publically operated local and
regional collections,  and more cooperation. I am suggesting that rather
than each publically supported regional collection having several examples
of a particular item locked away in the collection, have most of these items
out for public use and experimentation. An example of this is in the rural
collections of America, there are thousands of sausage stuffers. Is this
really necessary? Why not allow them to be used for the purpose they were

> Mr. Jones, I urge you to reconsider your decision to leave your extensive
> collection to an appropriate institution when you are no longer able to
> good use of it. You might try contacting a library archive and asking to
> their mission statement and policies. If the archive you approach is
> to accept your collection, they may be able to suggest other institutions.

My collection is designated to go to the West Virginia Archives. I recognize
the need for collections to stay together as well as be available to later
generations. I would just like for the West Virgina Archives and other
Archives be made more accessable and user friendly.

To bring this back to the Book Collections etc. Let me just say, in the
recent years technology has made it very easy to put words on paper. With
this proliferation of printed material, it is very important for the
Book-Artist to make that next project something that the world really needs.
We need more unique products both artisticaly as well as the subject matter.
The original Book Artist - Johan Gutenberg - used tried and proven text to
create a work of art which today stands without equal.

An old sage once said "If you want to be a success, find something that is
not being done, then go out and do it well". I have always interpreted this
to mean don't waste your time trying to do what someone has already done, do
something different.



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