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New website

Dear Friends
    I posted a message in the summer asking about programs for creating
websites. I got some excellent advice. I ended up taking an online
course from a local community college which emphasized writing html. My
son worked along with me and as he showed great promise and interest, I
hired him instead of doing it myself. It turned out that organizing the
information and writing the text was a BIG part of the task. It took me
months to find the time to do it and then months to get it done. After a
lot of work, it is very exciting for us to see it up on the web.
    The site focuses on my work teaching bookmaking in the schools. It
has promtional information about my workshops and books I have written
(including one just out- Super Pop-up Reports for American Histpory from
Scholastic Professional Books). It also has Teaching Tips, a Bookmaking
Project, an extensive Bibiography, and Links. There will be an Artist's
Book section coming at a later date. The address is
I hope you find it useful and I welcome your comments and suggestions.

in good spirit,

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA

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