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Re: New website

In a message dated 3/18/00 1:48:54 PM Pacific Standard Time,
skgaylord@MAKINGBOOKS.COM writes:

<< http://www.makingbooks.com >>

Pretty good job.  One suggestion is that the left side index and content of
the page seem a little too close to each other.  The rather standard format
is also a little boring, a little more imagination and originally in layout
and format might help. After all, making art books is all about imagination
and originally, make the site reflect that more.  The site also seems to
focus on "I, Susan Gaylord" too much. At the very beginning is, "Welcome to
my website."   Not the best intro, since it doesn't tell me why I should
continue.  "Welcome to the Makingbooks.com website." would seem more
appropriate and inviting.
Hope this helps.
DT Fletcher

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