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Re: I would rather burn them

Sadly, I was offended by this subject.
Why?  Burning books reminds me of an
adage I heard while studying the Holocaust:
"Where books are burned, people will follow."
And it was true.  Hitler began by burning books
and soon turned to burning Jews, Jehovah
Witnesses, gypsies, the mentally ill and
homosexuals, others too numerous to
list, but will never be forgotten.

I favor giving them away, or if that is
impractical, tear them down, or give
them to someone who will.  Old books
of little use or importance are good
practice for novice binders, a book in
sections or signatures can provide
invaluable sewing exercises.

If that fails, consider offering the books
to a reenactment group from the American
Revolution, War of 1812, or Civil War.  The
pages of books were often used to roll
cartridges, and even though the books are
probably late 19th and 20th C's, the appearance
will still look good and provide the allusion toward

Just my two cents worth.  I don't mean to stir up any
contention or ruffle any feathers.

Rommel John Miller
and student at G.W.'s Museum Studies Program

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