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Re: I would rather burn them

From: Barbara Harman <ArtSurvive@AOL.COM>
Subject: Re: I would rather burn them

> In a message dated 03/18/2000 3:30:24 PM, prtsbyaj@EUREKANET.COM writes:
> << We need more unique products both artisticaly as well as the subject
> matter.
> The original Book Artist - Johan Gutenberg - used tried and proven text to
> create a work of art which today stands without equal. >>
> These two sentences seem to me to contradict one another. The first seems
> suggest that original works are needed, textual, visual, structural,
etc. - a
> statement with which I agree. The second seems to say that what is really
> needed is to recreate a text (such as the Bible) on which agreement as to
> merit already exists, but to do that very well. Would you clarify your
> meaning? Barbara Harman

In recognizing the contradiction, I also am made conscious of the limits of
email as a form of communication.

My thought is - we need products which are unique, either artistic
presentations of tried and proven text, OR products presenting new and
unique subject matter. The key word is "OR".

We can of course go into a discussion of  "What is New" here. Since the
beginning, everything new has in fact been a rework of an existing product,
be it Tool or Statement. Perhaps we don't want to go there. Huh?



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