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Re: Copper

Those were really nice, thanks. And thanks to everyone else who has

Is there any special way to remove the vaseline when you're done?

Kathie Meyer

--- RLavadour <paper@OREGONTRAIL.NET> wrote:
> I get my copper tooling foil in 25 ft. rolls from Dick Blick
> 1-800-621-8293 - ran $45 last time I ordered.
> Last summer at book arts jamboree there was a mini-workshop
> (appologies for
> not remembering who taught it) on using rubber stamps to print with
> vaseline
> (a barrier) onto copper then submerging the copper in diluted liver
> of
> sulfer (also available at Dick Blick). The result was a tarnished
> copper
> that had a shiney (untarnished) image where the barrier had been.
> I'm not much into rubber stamps, so I started experimenting with
> other ways
> of applying the barrier - I've posted pictures of some samples I
> created for
> a workshop at www.papertrails.com/page14.htm - copper that was
> pressed on
> skin and photo based images using vaseline that was applied with a
> gocco
> printer, an easy way to get images and text onto the copper. One of
> the
> students did really interesting work with hand-drawn illuminated
> initials
> that were set with computer generated text then transfered to the
> copper
> using the Gocco.
> I have no idea how long the image will last - I would assume that the
> untarnished image will naturally tarnish over time, the oldest
> samples I
> have (the eye) are almost a year old and seem about the same.
> Best wishes,
> Roberta
> paper@oregontrail.net

"If I were blind, I would still take pleasure in holding a beautiful book."

--Sylvester De Sarcy

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