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Hollander beater for sale

I am forwarding this for Anne, please respond to her

I have a beautiful Hollander beater for sale. It is a one and a half pound
copper lined beater with bronze blades from the 1920's with a one horse
motor.  It has a wooden tub-copper lined race.  Very good condition.  It
came from a paper facility for pulp  testing in the 70's.  My husband and I
have had this peice of equiptment for many years and made great use of it
until ten years ago.  Could you make use of it? We also have moulds and
deckles fully sown plus a bale of liner (almost). If interested contact us
at expart@earthlink.net or 510-595-0655.  Ask for Ann or Will.

Gail Stiffe,
Melbourne, Australia
Website for Hands on Paper  http://www.bluep.com/~stiffe

Papermakers of Victoria http://home.vicnet.net.au/~papervic
Victorian Bookbinders Guild http://home.vicnet.net.au/~bookbind

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