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Re: thin, sheets of copper or tin

>I want to use copper or tin in a book (although the idea is not
>completely formulated yet as to just what I'm planning--I plan to
>surprise myself, I guess) and wonder if any of you know where I would
>get thin, but not too thin, sheets of copper or tin (lumber yards?). If
>you have tips for using these two metals, those would be nice to read
>as well. I'm assuming just a good pair of snips is all I really need.
>Kathie Meyer

It is likely that you don't really want sheets of tin, but rather thin
sheets of tinned steel. Thin sheets of tinned steel and copper are used in
making roofs for buildings, so a roofer or tinner would have offcuts
available at reasonable prices.  It is difficult to cut straight edges with
snips, so you may want to the supplier to cut straight edges for you using
a shear. If you use snips, get good quality "aircraft snips." There are
three types: right, left, and straight, with the first two types being used
for cutting curved edges, so you will need more than one pair.

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