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Can you identify this item?

I bought some old binding equipment a few months ago. Among the items is an=20
unusual thing. It looks like is sets on a table. It is about 2' high and 2'=20
long and about 3 inches thick. I guess you could say it has the general shap=
of an attach=E9 case. Inside the main "box" are heating elements and along t=
top is solid metal with a rounded top all across the top. When you plug it=20
in, the rounded metal top gets hot. if I had to guess, it looks like=20
something that might have been used to help mold a heavy round spine on a=20
book cover like you might see on a county records book, the one with the wid=
raised bands. Any guesses? It looks like it has been around for a long time.=
The cord and type of plug indicates it is old.
Thanks. JT

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