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Re: Can you identify this item?

>It looks like is sets on a table. It is about 2' high and 2' long and about
3 >inches thick. I guess you could say it has the general shap of an attache
>case. Inside the main "box" are heating elements and along the
>top is solid metal with a rounded top all across the top. When you plug it
>in, the rounded metal top gets hot.

and one reply was:

>It sounds a little like a print dryer. This would have a chrome surface and
>canvas covers that would pull over to hold the prints in place while they


We have what appears to be just such a piece of equipment here.  When we
bought a conservator's workshop some years ago (of which it was one item
amongst many), we were advised that it was a dry mounter and  laminator.

You may be able to adapt it for drying wet repairs.  We have a modern heat
press especially designed for this purpose, otherwise we would have probably
adapted it for such work.

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