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Re: I would rather burn them

Barbara Harman <ArtSurvive@AOL.COM> wrote:


> During a tour of this collection, I asked if the instruments were
>ever played. The answer was no. Additionally, since most of the instruments
>had not been played for a very long time, they could no longer BE played.
>When a tool, in this case a musical instrument, is not used, it deteriorates
>until it can no longer fulfill its original function. Some call this
>conservation, but if the original intent is lost through that conservation,
>what is being conserved? The CONCEPT of the tool? What is that and of what
>use is it?

While I agree completely that it is rather sad that these instruments remain
unplayed, and are slowly deteriorating, conserving them does serve a purpose.

At some point in the future, someone who is building a replica of an old
instrument (which will be played), may need to reference one of these examples.

Some medieval instruments, of which thousands may have been built and played
during their time, are reconstructed today based on illustrations and
descriptions, because not a single example has survived.  I'm sure there are
luthiers out there who would give various appendanges to be able to just
look at examples of certain instruments, if someone had only put them aside
somewhere for future generations.

As artifacts go, Books have survived in relatively great abundance.

There are ancient tools which I would dearly love to see a single surviving
example of.  Just to understand how it was constructed, so I could build and
use my own with greater confidence.  So yes, I guess the CONCEPT of a tool
would, in some cases, be quite useful indeed.

All that being said, I love to rescue old tools from antique stores and
flea markets and put them back to work.  Anything to keep them off the
walls of the local pubs.

Cheers, Rick

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