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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 18 Mar 2000 to 19 Mar 2000 (#2000-77)

re: book burning
My first thought,too, although I did not respond at the time, was to think
of Hitler.  Although I am a avid recycler and could justify burning books
for fuel if there are many copies and they are recent editions (as suggested
in this list)
to deliberately burn books so that someone else could not get at them was
Hitlers intent. It just sends shivers up my spine to think that old books
such as in this man's collection would be deliberately destoyed.  Think of
Hitler, or even the middle ages or earlier.  Look at the valuable texts
which have been lost to us over the years because of that kind of thinking.
Sell the books to a collector or give them to a University library with
conditions.  They may be impossible to use under those conditions, but that
is only a temporary condintion.  Librarians move on, conditions change, but
once destroyed it is lost forever.
And yes, I understand the idea of impermanece and temporality.....but to me
books are the knowledge and wisdom of the past....once gone it is gone for
good.  Ecco (Ithink) wrote a book to this effect called the Name of the Rose
(I think that's the title).  If all the old texts were gone, how would we
even know about the little jokes the monks pulled to keep themselves
entertained while copying the books????
Just my $.02 worth.
Louise in Durham

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