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Re: A visit to Montreal

You'll want to visit the National Library of Quebec, which usually has
exhibitions of rare books, contemporary book arts and such. Check the
"weekly" type papers when you're there for current exhibits and such. There's
always a lot going on.

People you might want to meet include Louise Genest (fine binder and
conservator), Lise DuBois (fine binder), Michele Simard, Nicole
Billard...most should be listed in the Montreal phone directory. Some are
member of the GBW and CBBAG as well as the Association des Relieurs du
Quebec. Tel: 514/270-4496 in Outremont.

The President of Les Amis de la Reliure d'Art (l'ARA) in Montreal is Odette
Drapeau. She has a studio and gallery, La Tranchefile, at 5331 Boulevard St.
Laurent. Tel: 514/ 270-9313. And check out the hand paper mill, St. Armand.

Happy trails!
Paula Marie Gourley

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