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Re: A visit to Montreal

At 10:14 PM 03/20/2000 , you wrote:
>At 09:30 PM 3/20/2000 EST, Paula Marie Gourley wrote:
> >You'll want to visit the National Library of Quebec
>Uh, no offense, but is that for real? How can Quebec -- a *province* --
>have a "national" library? Is this run by the Quebec Separatist movement or
>something? And if so, what kind of holding do they have -- just radical,
>anti-Canadian-unity material?

The Canadian government has a National Library and a National Archive,
and so does the Quebec government. If you are a publisher of any kind and
you publish in Quebec, you must submit two copies of your work to the
Ottawa National Library, as well as two copies to the Quebec National
Library who will attribute your ISBN numbers. It has nothing to do with any
politics. The Quebec National library has the same aims as any other
national library, but it is not concerned with publishings in other
provinces. However the word "national" does have political overtones in Quebec.

It is only another example of duplicity of services here. Quebec does not
accept that Ottawa has jurisdiction of this matter, and is very protective of
its jurisdiction, as it does in health, education and many other areas.

While there probably are propagandist material deposited with the
Quebec National Library, they are also deposited in Ottawa too. However,
that it not the goal of the library. The library is a deposit of ALL  kinds
of works, books, magazines, music, cd's, videos etc. ANYTHING that is
published in Quebec MUST be deposited with the library and given an
ISBN number.

Take care
Ronald Leger

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