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Re: A visit to Montreal

At 07:16 AM 3/21/2000 -0800, marty wrote:
>>snip .. Uh, no offense, but is that for real? How can Quebec -- a
*province* --
>>have a "national" library? .. snip...
>What's so weird? Buena Park California has an INTERNATIONAL Printing Museum.

What's weird is the whole implication of the name, though. Can you picture
there being a "National Library of California"? It just makes no sense!
California is a state, not a nation, just as Quebec is a province, and not
a country in and of itself.

But ah, well. Thanks to Ronald Leger for the additional info. We certainly
have a strange situation here in Canada. Even the *provincial* government
of Quebec is called the "Quebec National Assembly".

I'm not into politics (at ALL), but I do wish that people didn't fight so
much, and that we could strive to find the things we share in common and
just learn to live and love together, rather than put so much energy into
emphasizing -- and  actually creating! -- differences and, well, separation.

I hope I haven't been inflammatory with any of my comments -- I just wish
we could all be peaceful and learn to be happy with the differences in our
cultures, and celebrate *that*, rather than see it as cause for such
unnecessary antagonism and hard feelings. :(

You're welcome to kill this thread, Peter, by the way -- I realize it has
nothing to do with bookbinding.

Ron ;)

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