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Re: A visit to Montreal

>At 07:16 AM 3/21/2000 -0800, marty wrote:
>>>snip .. Uh, no offense, but is that for real? How can Quebec -- a
>*province* --
>>>have a "national" library? .. snip...
>>What's so weird? Buena Park California has an INTERNATIONAL Printing Museum.
>What's weird is the whole implication of the name, though. Can you picture
>there being a "National Library of California"? It just makes no sense!
>California is a state, not a nation, just as Quebec is a province, and not
>a country in and of itself.


As a bilingual Montrealer, I can't let this go by. "Nation" in French means
"people" not "country." The Assemblee national du Quebec and the
Bibliotheque nationale du Quebec are the legislature and the library of the
PEOPLE of Quebec. This is commonly (and even deliberately) misunderstood in
the rest of Canada. It happens that I work from time to time as a
translator for the Bibliotheque nationale du Quebec on the rare
publications they produce in English.

Back the tourism question, I would add Jacques Fournier's studio to any
visit itinerary-- probably the best binder in the province. He's on Ste.
Catherine Street near Place des arts. And I'd echo any encouragement to
visit the Bibliotheque nationale -- it has one of the most significant (if
not THE most significant) collections of artist's books in the country.
It's a little out of the way though -- the collection is at 2275 Holt
Street, in the Rosemont neighbourhood.


Kevin Crombie                              e-mail: kcrombie@dsuper.net
#5 - 224 boul. Saint-Joseph est     voice: (514) 849-7601
Montreal, QC   H2T 1H6

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