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acid free?

I pulled out my trusty pH meter last night to determine the pH of some
unknown papers. While I was at it, I check some 'known' sheets and was
surprised by the results.

These sheets are listed as acid free by Strathmore:
pH        Sheet
7.5       Pure cotton writing
4.89     Black Grandee #80 cover
4.29     Americana Nantucket Ivory #80 cover
7.47     Fiesta Cream/Gray #80 cover

I also tested some kozo, japanese lace paper and glassine: 5.59, 5.09 and
5.08 respectively.

Am I missing something? I'm using a meter from labratorymart.com, accurate
to .01 and their 1112AL flat surface pH electorde. It's properly calibrated
and giving me believable readings...except acid free sheets that measure

Are their other properties of the paper that are considered when determining
its acidity?

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

(510) 727-9131

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