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Re: A visit to Montreal

>Will be travelling to Montreal  18 - 26 April and would appreciate
>learning of any book arts related activities during that time.

until May 28, Quebec
'The History of the Headbands' an exhibition celebrating the 20th
anniversary of La Tranchefile [a kind of public bindery/gallery], presented
by the Centre d'interpretation de la Economus=E9e de la reliure. The
exhibition features 30 examples of headbands handmade by Genevieve Samson,
a senior book and paper conservator at the National Archives of Canada, who
also prepared the documentary research. The Economus=E9e de la reliure is at
5251 boulevard St-Laurent, Montreal, PQ H2T 1S4; (514) 270-9313, fax

(from the CBBAG Newsletter, Spring 2000)

The Economus=E9e is, I think, only a couple of blocks from Au Papier
Japonais, which is at 24 Fairmount Ouest, phone (514) 276-6863. Either
place will undoubtedly have posted flyers or business cards of other
activities or studios in the area.

Have fun,

Richard Miller <rmiller@peterboro.net>
Newsletter Editor & Webmaster
The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild:

though I speak only for myself

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