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Legal Deposit (was: Re: A visit to Montreal)

>While there probably are propagandist material deposited with the
>Quebec National Library, they are also deposited in Ottawa too. However,
>that it not the goal of the library. The library is a deposit of ALL  kinds
>of works, books, magazines, music, cd's, videos etc. ANYTHING that is
>published in Quebec MUST be deposited with the library and given an
>ISBN number.

This deposit requirement applies to the National Library of Canada too, and
in many other countries as well including, I believe, the Library of
Congress. The libraries simply act as repositories of the published output
of their respective nations (however defined). A sociocultural,
intellectual database. Usually somewhat catalogued.

Book publishers in Canada are compelled to donate a copy of every work they
produce if the edition is larger than three copies (if the edition is
larger than 100 copies, two are required). For book artists, who are
considered publishers by the National Librarian, this represents an undue
hardship: 25 percent of their output, if they create a fourth copy, must be
given to the Library.

Wood engraver / Bookwright Gerry Brender =E0 Brandis has been fighting this
law for several years now, asking at the very least that a tax credit be
issued in exchange. No other artists of any kind are forced to donate their
work, and those who do donate to charity fundraisers and so on, get tax
deductions. Canadians reading this are asked to lobby the National Library
and their local MP for this minor concession to book artists.


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