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Re: A visit to Montreal

Sorry, Peter, but I have to respond to this personal attack...

At 02:16 PM 3/21/2000 EST, Monique Lallier wrote:
>It is obvious to me that all your information about Quebec comes from the
>English part of Canada.

Why is it "obvious" -- because I'm asking what are obvious questions
regarding semantics? Actually, I find it interesting to note that a French
person (from Quebec) who works as a translator assured me today that the
*only* possible translation for the word "nation" is, well, "nation". Even
in my French-English dictionary that's all there is.

And even if that's not true -- and frankly, I could care less now after
your response, Monique -- that still doesn't answer my question as to why
pick a word that can only create misunderstanding if the intended meaning
is *truly* just "people", when that could be expressed so many other ways
more clearly to *everyone*.

>We (the French Canadian or "Quebecois") would like
>to live in peace and love and have the right to keep our culture and identity
>alive and well.  So before to make judment, you should learn the history of
>Quebec and how the English speaking Canadian REPRESSED the "Quebecois" and
>how the Federal goverment didn't allow the Quebec economy to florish like
>Ontario for so many years.

Eek. 8|  I wasn't passing *any* sort of judgement, I was just asking a
simple question about why one would choose a word that can only cause
misunderstanding when there are other words available that are so much
clearer. That's not passing judgement -- certainly not like has now been
passed on me, anyway.

I mean, if I believe in national issues and social issues, I wouldn't start
calling myself a National Socialist for the simple fact that people would
start accusing me of being a Nazi -- and I wouldn't just go ahead and call
myself that anyway, and then make it everyone else's problem to educate
themselves about the whole history of nationalism and socialism or whatever
just so that they don't make what is a *natural* interpretation /
misinterpretation of my intended meaning.

Know what I mean? I wasn't passing judgement, I just don't understand and
that's why I was asking -- and now I understand even less, now that I've
been flamed just for being intelligent enough to ask a simple, obvious and
very sincere question.

I apologize for being genuinely interested, for genuinely wanting nothing
more than to just understand. I realize that it defeats your goal of
wanting me to learn all about French culture, but I'll stop asking
questions now since my doing so seems to strike such a nerve (as opposed to
just accepting what I'm told "because you say so"). I apologize for having
a mind of my own!

Honestly, folks, all sarcasm aside... sheesh! Nothing like scaring people
away from doing exactly what you want them to do. I promise not to try to
understand again.

Ron :/

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