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Re: acid free?

All materials will age and deteriorate over time, period. The variables
which will affect that aging are many. The idea of these enclosures is that
they protect the item. If that means deteriorating in the process, but
keeping away light, dust, ... so be it. A document case / box / envelope is
cheap. These enclosures are also NOT going to reverse the aging on whatever
is stored in them.  It's not a snow job but unrealistic expectations on the
part of the user and a lack of seeing the whole picture in how things age
and what factors are involved.

The types of pristine books you describe I've seen / handled too, but I've
also seen many more from the same period which are in far worse shape from
handling, storage, environment.

>However, there is no excuse for materials being sold as acid free or
>buffered or any other term implying longevity which will in fact
>deteriorate over time.


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