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Making Bookbinding Brass Hand Tools

I am collecting information regarding how to make bookbinding brass hand
tools. (I will leave this open from simple to more complex). Don
Glaister has a handmake one in this tool box that  makes my eye twinke.
.  So for me, it opens the question are binders making their own tools
anymore?  I remember years ago talking to Fritz Eberhardt and my eyes
growing wider as he talked of making these tools from I presume lost wax
techniques or just hammering..away.

To make our own tools brings a circle of satisfaction. It is easy to
slap on a stamp, send off a check,or swipe the old visa,however,it
creates  a void  our basic human needs ---that is,to make things with
our own hands.--

So if anyone is making tools,I will pass this on and share in a tool
making demonstration.

In advance,thanks...

Available Light Press

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