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Re: studio layout

The best way to deal with this (IMHO) is to make a plan of the space  and
movable pieces to represent your studio equipment all to 1/4 scale. Move them
around on the plan at the same time you are thinking about how you work and
what happens in each distinct area you work in. When you get something that
you think will work, then also think about what is missing that would help
you organize each area better. For example, do you need trash containers in
each area; where is the most convenient place for ink, tool, and other kinds
of storage (where you might actually put things back when you are done with
them); is paper storage adequate and easily accessible to cutter, press,
drawing/planning areas? Do you need some areas to always be clean and do you
have those areas clearly separated from dirty areas? I found in organizing my
own space that it helps to think about it as a specialized kitchen - are the
towels near the sink, is the silverware near the dishes, are the hotpads next
to the stove, etc. - substituting your tooks, materials and equipment, of

Sometimes our spaces are disorganized because they aren't really working for
us, and sometimes we imagine we should work differently than we do. Maybe you
are really the kind of person who gets creative energy from having many
things going on at once, all within visual range, making it easy for you to
move from one area and task to another. I get distracted if there is too much
mess and start wasting energy worrying about how I am not cleaning it up. On
the other hand, if everything is neatly put away I tend to 1) forget where I
neatly put it, or 2) feel my work space is too clean to work in! Go figure.

Hope this is helpful. Barbara Harman

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