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Re: Gocco Printer

--- melissa kramer <mkramer@BRYNMAWR.EDU> wrote:
> <snip

> the inks, for the most part, are not very opaque.
> for example, you cannot
> print yellow, pink, light blue, or any pale colors
> on black.  it might
> show up a little, but in my experience ends up
> disappointing.  the silver,
> however, i've found to be much more opaque.  i think
> silver on black would
> work just fine.  for some reason the metallics seem
> to hold up much better
> than the others.

>From my experience, I would agree. Silver (or any
metallic) would work well on black.

> i've always been amazed by how little resolution is
> lost with the gocco.
> you can get such fine lines to show up, it's almost
> an exact copy of your original

I always tell students in the workshops I teach, "what
your original looks like is what you will get". It's
not gona look any better than that so if the original
is so-so your prints will be as well. You can get
pretty fine lines. Play around with the photocopy etc.
Have fun. I do enjoy mine. I was interested by the
comments on the list about printing vasaline to
copper. I've added it to my to do list.

C. Carlene Taylor
Taylor Maide Designs

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