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Post Script to the Japanese Silk Blues

Wanted to thank all who responded, both on and off-list, to my woeful
query re removing the stray spot of glue from an exquisite Japanese
silk bookcloth.

No, I honestly didn't expect a solvent to work.  But I confess, such
is my regard for the collective wisdom and innovative leanings of the
present Listmembers,  I *did* harbor a small hope that someone out
there in cyberspace had discovered a unique solution to my dilemma.
But, as I've confirmed thus far, any solution applied to silk only
makes the problem worse.

However, per one suggestion, I delicately scraped at the tiny spot
with a sharp X-acto knife and managed to convince myself that the
tiny glue spot was now so diminished as to be practically
unnoticeable.  After all, this is my first commissioned book.  What
is my client expecting?  Perfection?

Well, probably not.  But after thinking about it, I realized that I
couldn't possibly send this first book out into the world with that
spot on it -- whether anyone else ever noticed it or not.  Moreover,
since this is meant to be a book that may be passed down through
generations of a family, I decided the best course of action might
just be to remove the text block and start all over with a more
forgiving, durable book cloth.

So I did.  And am happy with the results.  No, the new cover is not
as mouth-watering as the silk.  But it's still lovely.  And I'm much
relieved to have done so, because had I not, I think I may have spent
the rest of my days with that spot of glue relentlessly haunting some
corner of my consciousness.

So I've learned at least two things.  Firstly --  before embarking on
a project using such an expensive and exotic material for the first
time, always first consult the wisdom of this List.  Secondly, never
work with such an expensive and exotic material without being
prepared to be slightly neurotic about it.

Thanks one and all,

Ann Peterson
San Francisco

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