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Re: Gocco Printer

--- Marie-Celeste Edwards
<mcedwards@DHPRODUCTIONS.NET> wrote:

> snip...
> Maybe you can participate in next year's Gocco
> Exchange!
> Best,

I was interested in the gocco exchange you mentioned.
Who organizes this? I have a printer and use it in
books etc. It would be great to meet others using the
gocco and see their work.

 You commented about having to photocopy with a carbon
photocopier. I have been told a laser printer (because
the ink is carbon based?) will work also but since I
don't have one I can't speak from experience. Shereen
LaPlantz did a self published how to book about the
gocco with actual gocco prints included. There is a
page where she printed a screen from a variety of
sources like charcoal pencil, various markers, etc.

Happy printing-

C. Carlene Taylor
Taylor Maide Designs

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