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Making Bookbinding Brass Hand Tools

I am also collecting information on this topic. I also have amassed quite
the collection of parts-catalogs in the last few months. It's kind of
fascinating what's out there. So far I've collected information on
everything from casting to milling-machines. Information gathering is as far
as I've gotten due to current financial restrictions.

I have been, and will continue to, make my own wood tools for bookbinding.
Woodworking was my obsession prior to bookbinding and I have a fairly decent
shop. I was appalled at the quality and/or price of available tools. Right
now some of my tools were quickly made for momentary needs (when you design
for one need at one time, it's not necessarily useful for anyone else). I'm
in the process of redesigning them for general use. Since they will in
essence be prototypes, they'll probably cost me as much as some generally
available stuff, but at least I'll know that they are well made.

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