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Re: Gocco Printer

Shereen LqaPlantz's book is called "Designing and Working with Gocco"
and she printed it in Bayside, CA.
She recommends, as a source, Claire Russell of THINK INK, 7526 Olympic
View Dr., Suite E
Edmonds, WA  98026
800 778-1935  or 206 778-1935
        Claire sells Gocco supplies. She has ben working with Gocco for over
10 years, and has published plenty of articles and pamphlets about using
it. She was a pioneer importer of this Japanese machine.
        You can also buy it from Dick Blick and other art supply houses.
        Amazingly, Shereen's address is not in her Gocco book, nor in her
wonderful Lark Books publication, 'Cover to Cover."  So I don't know how
to tell you how to order her Gocco book.

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